Strong - Toned - Aligned


"I am a professional tennis player and have been using EMS regularly for my overall fitness and conditioning. EMS was super helpful for quick, yet intense workouts. After a few sessions I could feel my muscles were more toned and defined. EMS helped me through my lower back and torn ankle ligament injury. I began to feel stronger with every session I had. I can only recommend to give it a try."


"EMS has really helped me to get back into a regular exercise routine, with a short, yet intense exercise circuit. I love how each session is different and how the exercises are suited to my needs. I really enjoy my EMS workouts and always feel so great afterwards."


"I really enjoy doing EMS because you feel the effects of a full-on workout in a short time, yet with much less strain or stress on your body. Yvonne is really thoughtful and personal in getting to know her clients and adapting exercise to the clients needs and capabilities. She also continously educates herself on alternative methods of exercise and movements that are more effective, instead of using outdated methods that can be counterproductive in the longrun."


"After years of regular gym workout sessions and never really one for a change I started doing EMS 6 months ago, which has become a complete transformation to my training and fitness.

20min of EMS replacing the normal slog of an hour plus in the gym and achieving results almost immediately. I had always had lower back and knee ligament issues but these are now gone and my fitness levels are so much higher.

Overall body toning and strength is the key with EMS and the metabolic rate hits a new high. I can't recommend it enough."